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A Grand Canyon vacation can be many different things.  Whether you’re looking for an Overnight Backpacking adventure to the remote reaches of the Grand Canyon, a leisurely Day Tour along the rim, or a Day Hike Tours below to discover hidden secrets and stunning inner canyon vistas, we do it all.  When you come to the Grand Canyon, don’t let a true canyon experience pass you by. Be sure to check out Havasu Falls. One of the most beautiful places in the world and a Pygmy favorite. Everyone is welcome, so join the fun on this unforgettable experience. For other things to do in Northern Arizona go to Area Info and visit Helpful Info.

The Grand Canyon is a vast wilderness and a place so unique it is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. We here at Pygmy Guides have devoted years to exploring this amazing place, ensuring you with the most rewarding experience. Whether you choose to join us for a day or a week, with are knowledge of the Grand Canyon area we can help you plan an Arizona vacation that you will not soon forget and leave you longing to return.

We have Last Minute Spots Open For Havasu Falls
Families, Friends, and Solo Travelers Welcome!

Savings On Havasu Falls

swimming in havasu falls grand canyon  havasu falls in the grand canyon

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The Grand Canyon will impress and we here at Pygmy Guides intend to do the same. Each of our guides possesses a vast knowledge of all aspects of the Grand Canyon for our guided tours, along with medical training, and a passion for what they do. Our priority is providing you with a safe and fulfilling Grand Canyon experience. We know that experience and a love of the Grand Canyon makes a good guide, and a good guide makes a great trip. So come and let us show you why we here at Pygmy Guides have chosen to make the Grand Canyon our home.

“As I sat meditating in this vast labyrinth of canyons, peering for a mile beyond the human time line, I was overcome by its immensity, by its beauty, and so I walked, more humble in this pygmy like state of mind, and all became sublime.” – Anonymous Pygmy

“We are three quarters of a mile in the depths of the earth, and the great river shrinks into insignificance as it dashes its angry waves against the walls and cliffs that rise to the world above; the waves are but puny ripples, and we but pygmies, running up and down the sands or lost among the boulders.” – John Wesley Powell

Pygmy Poetry

Backpacking, backpacking, backpacking the Grand Canyon all day
Backpacking, backpacking, backpacking, your troubles away.
Havasu Falls, Havasu Falls, Havasu Falls to get away,
Come and relax in the blue green waters of Havasu Falls Hurray!
Hiking the South Kaibab, hiking the BA a hiking, a hiking,
a hiking I go no sway.
But I say, what if hiking and backpacking I don’t feel up to today?
Day tours and backcountry excursions,
day tours and backcountry excursions,
day tours and backcountry excursions I say.
Day tours and Backcountry excursions will take one away,
if backpacking and hiking do not suit you this fine day.
So matter your interest, no matter the day,
Pygmy Guides will show you the way!

Why Pygmy Guides

  1. Tour the Grand Canyon National Park rim for unsurpassed views, ancient ruins, meals and local wildlife.
  2. Venture below the rim on a Pygmy Guides day hike, and see ancient rock art, hidden fossils and California Condors.
  3. Touch the Colorado River, see Big Horn Sheep, explore secret caves, go fly fishing, swim under pristine waterfalls, an soak in the solitude of a true backcountry experience in Grand Canyon National Park with a Pygmy Guides backpacking adventure.
  4. Simplify your Grand Canyon National Park backcountry trip with one of our Porter or Support Guide services.
  5. All inclusive trips mean meals, avoiding the crowds, no worries about parking and high gas prices, knowledgeable medically trained guides, all fees paid, and a hassle free experience.

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